Club Projects

Civic Beautification

Library Park

  • Maintenance and watering of the Butterfly Garden
  • Maintenance of the Blue Star Marker, a National project

Maine Maritime Museum

  • Planting and maintenance of the Ellena Sewall Historic Garden

Main Street Bath Flower Fund

  • Supports with contributions

Woolwich Town Hall, Meetinghouse and History Museum

  • Planting and maintenance


  • Support of the L.O.C.A.L. Garden education program for youth
  • Scholarships for the Ferry Beach Ecology School
  • Scholarship for the Merrymeeting Audubon Society
  • Campership for the Pine Tree Society Summer Camp
  • Support of the Bath Middle School (RSU 1) apple orchard

Garden Therapy

Oliver House

  • Assistance with the vegetable and herb garden at a group home for teens and young adults

Bath Senior Center Legacy Garden

  • A continuing renewal project

The Plant Home

  • Large mass bulb planting in the Fall
  • Train staff and volunteers to create a larger kitchen garden
  • Guidance and help on spring work, i.e. pruning apple trees, creating cutting and perennial beds and clearing overgrown areas


  • Maintain plant identification markers on the Thorne Head Trail

Youth Activities

Patten Free Library

  • Engage young learners to have fun listening to a garden-themed story and to apply learning with a gardening activity
  • Maintenance of the Children’s Garden

Dike-Newell School

  • Teach an understanding of planting seeds and the proper care of plants to 1st graders
  • Read a story in a classroom setting to review some aspect of gardening
  • Have students pot marigolds indoors and plant sunflower seeds in raised beds
  • Kindergarten Art Show by Bath and Woolwich kindergarteners of flower art to be displayed at the BGC Annual Plant Sale, weather-dependent

New and Collaborative Projects

Sagadahoc Preservation, Inc.

  • Flower arrangements for the annual House Tour
  • Flower arrangements for the celebration of the completion of the new pool and landscaping in Library Park for The Spirit of the Sea

Community Links

Main Street Bath

Maine Maritime Museum


Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Patten Free Library