The following Committees and descriptions are designed to give you a brief overview of their functions.

Awards - Determines which committees can qualify for a state award, based on a combination of both a year-end report and of pictures of the activities and projects involved, as well as submitting the information for the “Club of Distinction” award to the state. The application is done by the individual committee Chairs and the past President and submitted to the Awards Committee for filing to the state.

Camperships/Scholarships - Develops recommendations for recipients of scholarship funding to the Executive Committee to receive scholarship funds; and oversees the application process.

Civic Beautification - Promotes projects to enhance the appearance of Bath and surrounding areas, as well as forms coalitions with other organizations to identify mutual goals and complete projects.

Communications - Focuses on the Web and acts as a conduit for information to and from the Yearbook, Trumpet Vine and Public Relations, thus ensuring consistency of information relating to the Bath Garden Club.

Conservation/Legislation - Maintains plant identification markers on Thorne Head Trail.

Flower Arrangements - Schedules members to provide arrangements for appropriate organizations.

Garden Therapy - Uses garden-related activities as an aid to improve physical, mental and emotional health of recipients.

Horticulture - Arranges one to two garden trips each year for Club participation; and presents information to the membership regarding available local or state garden tours and flower shows.

Hospitality - The Committee assists in coordinating with the monthly Hostess Chair in assuring that all aspects of the luncheons are finalized. Additionally, they are available to assist at the luncheon if additional help is needed. The Committee members also help to create the annual roster of the monthly Hostess Chair and her committee.

Membership - Sends application information to individuals interested in joining the Club. Upon receipt of an application and dues, the Committee shall send the new member a letter of welcome, an information packet, committee assignments, hostess schedule and a current Yearbook. Maintains a Club roster; provides name tags at meetings; works with committee chairs to provide members where needed, giving members preference of assignments, when possible.

Programs - Arranges programs and meeting places for the next fiscal year.

Public Relations - Develops publicity for Club events and acts as a liaison with media to insure coverage of Club activities, and is part of the Communications Committee.

Ways and Means - Oversees the Club’s fundraising projects.

Youth Activities - Presents hands-on educational program in plant care and assists first graders in planting sunflower seeds in outdoor beds; presents each student with blooming marigold in cup and each first-grade class with garden-themed book. Sponsors garden party at Patten Free Library for pre-kindergarten children, reading and singing garden themed stories and songs, helping children plant marigolds in cups that they take home, and presenting library with garden-themed book. Maintains sunflower garden area at Dike Newell and children’s garden in front of Patten Free Library.