From Our President

President’s Letter Spring, 2018

A palimpsest is a surface that has been written upon, erased imperfectly, and written upon again. When I look at my snow-covered garden, I see another palimpsest. The beds are discernible as higher contours in the snow. The few remaining teasels, picked clean of seed by the finches, rise above a bed of rhubarb that would be otherwise invisible.

Last year’s tomato patch will be a cutting garden this year, devoted to annual flowers. No doubt, the tomatoes will be imperfectly erased, and I expect at least one viney interloper among the cosmos and zinnias. The rhubarb will be weeded repeatedly, but I enjoy the teasels and will leave a few to grow again in the rhubarb bed.

That, for me, is one of the joys of gardening. We can watch a transformation unfold through time, and still read the inscriptions of the past.

Some of those inscriptions may be a bit too dense this spring, when the snow melts and green shoots appear. I hope you will look around your gardens for plants that would benefit from thinning or division. Our annual Plant Sale is coming up, and our digging crews will be out on their rounds in just a few weeks. The Plant Sale is our primary fund raiser for the year, which leads me to the dispersal of those funds in our proposed budget

Our budget is printed in this quarter's newsletter. Please look at it and be prepared to vote on it at our April 17th meeting. Our club works very hard to fulfil its mission and the budget is where we reflect our values.

Bath Garden Club was founded 70 years ago and its work has altered this city and its surroundings. We have touched both permanent and evanescent places in ways discernible to anyone. We are authors of this palimpsest and I hope we will continue in that role for many years to come.

Yours in happy gardening,